hey guys i just bought a new bow and wondering what your guys opinion is about it

62"Sage TD Recurve 45lb Color olive green and neutral bought it off of ebay for just under 150 i was wondering is with this bow it say's this:

This is a New samick Sage Takedown it is a 62 inch recurve. The bow is 45 pounds at 28 inches. The riser of this bow is made of olive dymondwood and hard Maple laminated riser. Limbs are hard Maple with black fiberglass single tapered knob and metal limb pocket design. Riser is cut past center with a Crown to the arrow shelf. It features brass plunger stabilizer and Sight and quiver bushings. It has fast flight Phenolic reinforced limb tips. This bow has a recommended brace height of 7 1/2 8 1/4 inches. This is a great entry level to Intermediate level bow. Having the options to put a stabilizer or plunger button and mount a quiver or Sight on this bow is a great feature. I tested this bow and founded it to perform extremely well for a bow in its price range. The draw is smooth the arrow is cast with authority. It was an easy bow to pattern and I found it to be very user-friendly. Hard bow to beat for the price.

i know it say's i can use F/F string on this but i've heard of some limbs snaping cause of the pressure from that kind of string I was wondering if I can just use my dacon string B50 i belive it is and just make one for that bow if that would be the safest bet??

oh and i flemish mine own camo brown and dark green color