I have normally used 33" A2A and shorter bows for climber treestand hunting. In fact, most have been 30 inch or shorter bows including as short as 27" A2A. It just seemed to be the thing to do for the light weight and manuverability.

However, I really shoot a longer bow much better and I find them easier to draw so I am thinking of switching to a 36" A2A bow for next season. I am 6' 1" and use 29" draw length.

Anyone out there using a 36" A2A or longer bow in a climber treestand?

If so, do the longer bows get in the way or have clearance problems shooting around the climber treestand or your other equipment?

Should I stay short or is a 36" bow reasonably workable up in a tree?

Any insights regarding your own experiences will be appreciated.

I would especially like to hear from guys that have used both long and short bows.

Best wishes.