I have a brand new 2009 Cheetah coming in the mail from a Martin dealer. It supposedly has the CCS & STS factory installed, not dealer installed or so he says.

#1 - I've read that when you use the CCS you should also use a slightly longer cable. If the bow comes from the factory with the CCS installed does the bow also come with the longer cable?

#2 - Does the 2009 Cheetah really weigh 3.4lbs or is that "optimistic" or should I say, what does it really weigh?

#3 - Does the CCS & STS provide any real benefit or would I be better off going with the standard cable guard and string silencers?

#4 - I know it says IBO is 315-320fps but realistically what should I expect from a 60lb pull, 29" draw, 380gr arrow and nothing on the string but a D-loop and a G-5 Meta peep?

Thank you.