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    can you put a drop away rest on a bow with fury x cams. if yes were do you hook the drop away cord, to the bow string. i was told by a friend it would make the cams out of time. thanks

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    Default No need to tie it to the string

    I have Nitrous X cams on my bows. Instead of tying the rest cord to a single string, I make a floating loop around the right side cables. On my Cavalier Avalanche, the string comes off the rest spring, around both cables on the right side, then ties back to itself. This way, it just hangs loose, until the cables get to a certain point in the rearward motion of the draw. Then, both cables push back against the string at the X point to pull the rest up. The spring on the rest is much weaker than the tension on the cables, so it doesn't affect them. Upon release, when the cables move forward, the loop falls free again. I have a picture of this somewhere - I'll see if I can locate & post it. I think it is a very sound way to do it that offers the least possibility of intereference with the cam timing.

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