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    Hello, my wife wants a pink tigress so bad... She's 24" Draw Lenght, so the suitable option for her would be the Tru Arc+ cam, right? We want to know some technical info about this option, if there is an adjustable DL option avaliable and what is the difference between regular Tigress and Tigress Elite.


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    Default Tigress options

    Well to answer your first question concerning the Tru-Arc+ cam system as far as adjustable draw length. Yes it is adjustable. Each cam has a rotating module and can be adjusted over a 3 inch range if I'm not mistaken. It adjusts in 1/8 or 1/4" at a time. It is a very smooth and forgiving cam system.

    As for you 2nd question the difference in the tigress and tigress elite is the limbs. On the elite it uses the recurve elite limbs which are 17" long. The standard tigress uses the straight magnum limbs that are 14" long. The biggest difference in theses two bows would be axle to axle length and brace height. Both configurations will shoot extremely well.

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