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    I have been shooting 417 total grain and am d
    really happy with it until I shot a 325 grain arrow and all I have to say is wow. It is a bone hunter 28 inch draw and my weight is set at 65 lbs should I stick with the heavy arrow or go to the light one I wanted to use heavy ones at first cause it is more quiet and it has a punch with my heavy arrows I can shoot 28 yards and in with them anyone have opions that might know more than me also I was wanting to shoot 3d with the same set up

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    I personally would stick to the heavier arrow. It is going to pack more of a punch for you and still be more than fast enough. If you can hit where you are aiming then you will be better off w/ the heavier arrow in my opinion. The deer or 3d target are going to care how fast your arrow gets to them, but you will care on far you have to chase that deer.

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    Really easy to put together an arrow that is right around 380gn.
    Still will pass thru anthing yer going to hunt here and you pick up a little speed for the foam critters.

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    i shoot heavy arrows and have "harvested" 8 deer w/ my bow and still have yet to have an arrow not pass thru on an animal.....go heavy over speed, 380-400 is good

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    Shot placement is the key. I would look ar your kinetic energy more than speed. There are calculators and graphs out there that will suggest what kinetic energy you should have to hunt specific big game animals. I shot 62 lbs draw weight last year with 424 grain arrow at 245 ft/s and arrow passed thru on the deer I took last fall.
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    I've been Bow hunting for more then fifty years, first with recurves and then compounds, as I've got older I've went down in my draw weight, let me say that I have killed more then 100 head of big game in that time and that is just with a bow, I've also killed them with guns, right now I'm using bows in the 50# range the last 12 dear that I've killed were with 307gr arrows and I have gotten pass through on all of them, it's not arrow weight or poundage it's shot placement

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