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Yer still waiting for the Z.?? I still will order one also but since I took the Nemesis that was ordered by mistake I am going to wait till this fall to get a Z. Should be available then and have any kinks worked outta them...
And I have no complaints about how the Nemesis shoots!
Hate to hijack, but........ Yeah, I just spoke with Dawn at Rytera today. She punched in the order number and it showed the bow still wasn't built. At that point I asked to change my order from black riser/camo limbs to complete blackout, which is doable.

Then she brought up another screen and it said the bow was already shipped---4/13/10----to Augusta, Georgia, and delivered 4/20/10 Now for people from across the pond Georgia is about 800 miles south of where I live.

Anyway, that left her with some legwork to do, finding out just who got my bow. Anyway, she called me back a couple hours later and explained that they are going to build me another bow----all black, and it'll be about two weeks. She said she could ship me a 60# right away, but most of you guys know I can't handle it so I passed on that idea. I've waited 5 1/2 months now so what's another 2 weeks. Of course I expect that to mean about 5 weeks.