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Thread: Bengal, SWEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!

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    Default Bengal, SWEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!

    I just had the opertunity to shoot the new Bengal at my Martin Pro Shop. WOW!!!!! It is incredible!! Martin really did their homework !!!! It draws very smooth and when you let the string go, POP, the arrow is in the target!. I can't get over the fact, you feel no shock, buck or jolt in you support hand. You loose the string and the next thing you feel is just the weight of the bow in your hand. As much as I already like the Shadowcat, The Bengal is even faster and smoother.
    I actually Robin hooded one of the shop's arrows while shooting. Sign me up !!! I can not wait until they become available ! I understand these early bows are for field feedback. Well I would again like to say, WOW ! I would not change a thing !!! Trade in those Switchbacks Boys, there's a new sherriff in town !!!!!

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    sounds good .. I would sure like too try try one ..

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    Please post pics and a bow review when yo buy one I would like to know me on the bow sice I am lookin to buy on after Archery season whick starts today and ends Oct 13th ,I am gona sell my 06 Saber and hopefully buy one!

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    I have one and you just described what i felt when i shot this amazing bow from martin, my father has a switchback and he said if he shot this bow beforehand, he would have bought it. it's sweet.

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