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Thread: Jaguar T/D limbs on Phantom 2 riser?

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilmind View Post
    This morning I picked up the bow, put it in the car and about five min later my wife and I hear a crack! The limb delaminated in almost the same spot! What is up with these limbs?
    What's up is that you are putting these limbs on a bow that Martin has never tested for compatibilty. I strongly suggest you visit your local dealer to purchase a Jaguar riser. Martin Archery does not sell direct.

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    Martin graciously replaced my limbs but warned that since they have not tested this riser they will not warranty another failure unless I use the Jaguar riser. There is a small difference in take-off angle between the Jag and the Phantom. If anyone else is considering adapting one of their risers I would recomend consulting Martin first.

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    As Joel said (he is Martin in some way.. ) there is no guarantee that it will work.

    But i suggest you to ask a bit around and let someone build you an adapter to get the same limb angle.
    (2) Hoyt PCEXL

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    Or try some fiberglass limbs, may be they'll last longer.
    2008 Martin MOAB - 45-60#, set at about 51-53# / 55#" Perfect Line" compound/ 55# Mongol horsebow/ 45# "Perfect Line" takedown recurve/ 45# Bearpaw Grizzly hunter recurve/ 55# Samick Longbow Cheetah ... and several homemade bows

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    Default AAE Cavalier Free Flyte rests

    I shoot a free-flyte rest on my 3-D bow. I shoot it w/o the side plate and a plunger button instead. I also shoot it with the magnet pulling the rest in so I have to 'set' the rest out before each shot. I get great tuning and flight shooting with fingers using it.

    I wouldn't recommend it for hunting unless you reverse the magnet and even then it's a little delicate for the woods. I like a NAP Center-rest II for hunting.


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    Thanks for the info on the rest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joelc View Post
    What's up is that you are putting these limbs on a bow that Martin has never tested for compatibilty. I strongly suggest you visit your local dealer to purchase a Jaguar riser. Martin Archery does not sell direct.
    Yes I think. We have the same problem. I follow your suggestions too. Thanks for the information. I will contact my dealer.

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