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Thread: Firecat TR1 vs Pantera

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    Default Firecat TR1 vs Pantera

    Does anyone know the real difference between Firecat TR1 and Pantera? They both have same technical configurations with a quarter inch or less variation and both are going for the same price $499. But in my opinion Pantera is the clear winner because it comes with standard cloaked cams, CCS & STS package and Ď4X laminated core flex limbsí. Pantera is looking better than Firecat TR1 at least on the paper because it is adding more value to what you are paying. But there is one thing I didnít understand why did Martin put Pantera in gold series? I guess there must a valid reason for that, any thoughts?

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    I too wondered the same thing before making the purchase of the TR1. Yes, the specs are close but not the same. The Pantera does come with the cloaked package, but you are also paying for that. For an additional $50 you can add the cloaked package to the TR1, which I did. They both have the 4x laminated limbs. The riser design is different between the two bows and I know the TR1 replaced the MOAB. Personal choice now comes into play.
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    I asked Martin archery customer support the same question, below is their response

    Thank you for writing Martin Archery customer support.

    Both bows use the same type of limb and have similar risers. The only major difference between the two bows is that the Pantera comes with the cloaked accessory package. The only difference between Pro and Gold series is where the products can be purchased and what products are offered.

    Thanks again for writing to Martin Archery, and we hope we\'ve been able to help.


    Martin Archery Customer Support

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    Pretty much sums it up as we both stated. Pro Series bow are only available at authorized pro dealerships and Gold Series are available at big box stores and authorized pro dealerships.

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    Default Just my 2cents ...

    I have shot both a couple different times (I own an '09 Firecat) and I think the Pantera riser is a bit more stable.

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    I have yet to test these bows. The local archery shop I have been to doesnít have these models in stock. I get to try Bengal through. Initially I was little worried because Pantera was listed under gold series, because I was under the impression that gold series bows are just budget bows but it seams thatís not the case with Martin.

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