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Thread: Noisy cheetah

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    I had an STS on my 2008 Bengal.We were shooting some practice arrows in hunting camp and my bow was making what i can only describe as a metallic sound.I asked one of the traditional shooters in the group if he could tell where the noise was coming from.He listened for a couple of shots and said the noise is coming from "that thing" which was the STS.I removed the STS and the noise went away.The STS was about 1/16" from the string and the set screw was tight.The STS rod is aluminum.Has anyone ever tried a heavier metal rod? I'm convinced the STS is a beneficial addition. Before I started using it I was getting some contact with my jacket on my bow arm,which the STS eliminated.Right now I'm using string leeches and the bow is quiet,but I'm still going to try solving my STS problem.

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    i had the same problem, i took a regular allen head screw and cut it down to size to replace the set screw and then tightened the h#ll out of it, the different screw should let you get it tighter than the set screw.... i also have what i think may be every archery product that SVL makes

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