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    Default Hunting Rest - WB

    Haven't hunted with a Whisker Bisuit yet,but i like the way it shoots,
    when i'm practicing.Want to know if you hunt with one and how do you
    like or dislike it.I shoot a Bengal,by the way!

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    Have a Bengal myself with a NAP 360 on it. Not bad, but right now my fav is a RipCord. My bowhunting friend has a whisker on a Bear Element and seems to like his, but I think he likes his other bow with a NAP 360 on it more.
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    I've got a 09 Bengal and just purchased a trophy taker xtreme at sportsmans guide for about $40. I haven't even tuned it yet and wow what a difference on grouping??? The NAP 360 I recently had on it worked fine but for the same $$$$$ I'd go with this drop away!!!!!
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    There is nothing wrong with any capture rest per se other than the fact that you have to be more consistent with your shot and hold the follow through better to achieve the same level of accuracy as can be had with conventional or droop away rests.

    Here is where you have to define what accuracy you desire. If it's bowhunting and shots are reasonably close, like up to 30 yards then you might like a capture rest. If you desire better then some other type of rest might be a better choice.

    And please, I don't want to see any comments that with a capture rest "I can shoot standing on my head". I've been shooting and bowhunting for 37 years and have never taken a shot standing on my head. This just isn't how people shoot bows.

    All this being said, I would say to try a WB for maybe a month. Then try something like a prong rest or an inexpensive drop away. You have all summer to play with the idea and draw your own conclusions. Who knows. Maybe you'll be like some of us and end up with a bow for hunting and another for everything else.
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    Default Rest

    I like fallaway with containment

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    Default just went to a QAD Hunter

    I have a "09" Bengal, Was using and old fall away rest from an old martin lynx, Just bought the QAD Hunter, Love it. I get tighter groups. That older rest had some play in it and was causing me some inconsistancy. For the money (54.99) awesome.

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    People over think arrow rests.

    All it needs to do is guide the arrow, without causing an inconsistent deflection that will cause the arrows to deviate from shot-to-shot. In order to guide, it has to effect the shaft. As long as it is consistent, it will also be accurate.

    If you shoot with a release aid, the WB rest, will not cause any inconsistency. From my experience and observation of high-speed videos of arrows being "loosed", I see absolutely no evidence of benefit to a drop-away rest.

    I have killed over 20 deer and two coyotes, using a WB rest. It is absolutely silent, reliable and accurate, for a hunting bow.
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