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Thread: Cable Guard Set Screw Stripped

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    Default Cable Guard Set Screw Stripped

    I have a 06 Martin Saber that the set screw has stripped out trying to tighten the cable guard. Should I try to repair (tap) this myself or take it to my dealer and have him tap it? I don't want to void any warranty, but bow season is coming on fast.

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    If you can't get it fixed or replaced, you can glue it in place temporarily using hot-melt glue. Heat the base of the guard and smear the glue stick on it and push it in.

    Afterwards, heat just the cable guard (not the bow!!!) to remove it. Hot melt can be dissolved with lacquer thinner to clear out the hole.

    THIS ONLY WILL WORK WITH A METAL CABLE GUARD!!! Don't do it if you have a carbon guard.

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    Jack NZ


    Depends on your skill level.
    I'd just tap it for a larger screw,but it's also no crime to get a pro to do the job for you.
    It shouldn't take but a couple of minites an cost very little.
    Good luck.

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