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Thread: newbie looking at the threshold, a few Q's

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    Default newbie looking at the threshold, a few Q's

    ive always wanted a compound or any kind of bow and now im ready to pull the trigger on one. im looking at the threshold and was wondering if the draw length is adjustable or do you need modules to adjust it? also since this is an "entry level" bow are any of the parts on it inferior to the upper echelon models? ive heard that the sites are less than desireable, any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    The Threshold is a pretty good bow for a beginner. I believe the riser (handle) is cast vs machined aluminum for the rest of the lineup. Limbs, axles, strings/cables, cams, etc are either the same or of the same quality as the Gold series bows.

    The accessories, although not the highest quality, will work well enough for you to begin with. Somewhere down the road you may desire to change something like the rest or the sight, but that is your choice. As you learn and see other accessories and talk with other people something might grab your fancy and you end up spending more money for them.

    About the only thing you'll need more of is arrows. Maybe a release, too. I don't know if the kit comes with one.

    Maybe a couple years down the road you'll even want a completely new outfit. This sport can become addictive, but have fun with whatever you choose.
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    Fun is key! I think you will be happy with any martin product.

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    i just pulled the trigger on one from eders, they had it for $171 + $14 to get it home so for $185 i couldn't resist. they had been out of stock and just got them back in the other day, they've sold 6 in just a few days so i figured i better get it now.

    ive been scouring ebay and the net for that past week or so for used bows and some new ones, i looked so much that i started to get confused. i almost bought a bear buckmaster package for $256 but decided to go with the marten, with the couple bucks i saved over the bear i can get a stabilizer, release, string silencer and some arrows.

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    you will not be dissapointed with the threshold Very sturdy bow love the patterns I get with it I shot up my Hips Target already need to buy a new Better target

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