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    I had just entered my previous thread about my Cheetah and now I am going to tell you about my new (demo) Firecat. I got a deal I just could not pass up. The Martin shop I found had this Firecat on the rack when I purchased my Bengal. After having all the issues with the Bengal in the 3 weeks I owned it I called him up and asked if he still had the Firecat. He did and we swapped for a few $ more. Unlike the Bengal, the Firecat has the Cat cams and 55-70 lb DW and a Ripcord drop away rest. He set it up for me at 28" and the DW at 70# and we took it over to the targets. Wow, can that sucker shoot. The draw isn't as smooth as the Mpro2 cam on the Cheetah but dang it sure is fast. I took it home and reduced the wt to 63# and installed my sights. Out in the yard and a bit of tweeking with the rest and I had it shooting great. I had it about a week and noticed that one of the strands on the string was busted near the peep. I didn't think nothing of it as I had shot bows before with a strand or two busted. But I took a little precaution and served the area with serving thread. I was out in the yard and had shot about a dozen arrows at 20 yds still getting the feel of the bow. Then all heck broke loose. I shot and it sounded like a 22 mag going off. The arrow hit its mark but 1/2 of the strands exploded on the bow right at the peep. Scared the living crap out of me. First thing I did was grab my allen wrench and crank the limb bolts out 3 full turns each to reduce the poundage. Then I did a search for the peep and finally found it. I carefully examined it to be sure there were no burrs on it which could have cut the strands and it looked good under a magnifying glass. I called the shop and told him what happened and he was shocked as he had just installed that string a few weeks earlier. Anyway, he has it now and is ordering a new string. I told him no hurry and to check the bow out carefully - limbs, cams, axle, everything. This bow shoots great and I hope all is OK with it. I suspect the string was faulty from the get go and a new string is all it will need.
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    Good luck, hope everything will be ok! I also had a broken string around the peep, but not on my MOAB. The peep was TruGlo and the string looked just a little fraying, but no broken strands and all of a sudden while drawing it the bow exploded in my hands. Luckily there was no damage on me or the bow, just a lost peep and a broken string.
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    If the string broke around the peep area the chances are very great that the string was damaged when the peep was installed. The bow wasn't dry fired so I'm expecting the bow and it's components will be fine.

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    I'd never fire any bow if it had broken strands though. Too risky.

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    The shop inspected everything on the Firecat and found a hairline crack on the lower limb. He called Martin and they are sending in limbs, cams, cable, and string. Everything will be new except the riser.
    Now that's customer service.

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