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Thread: Jaguar Take-Down limb problems

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    If only they made wooden bows as tough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destroyer View Post
    If only they made wooden bows as tough.
    I also own a Greatree Firefox recurve with 40# draw weight. This is a timber/fibreglass bow and is an extremely durable, reliable bow. It has a very smooth draw and was super quiet straight out of the box. The best part is that it only cost me $180AU and it makes a damn fine hunting bow. Plus spare limbs are available for this particular bow unlike most budget bows which are a throw away once you have a problem with a limb. Not that I've ever had any problems with mine. It will also take limbs from a Greatree Mohegan, the PSE Razorback and Ragim Matrix. Overall I'm very pleased with the bow and it's the best recurve bow I've seen for under $250AU brand new.

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