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Thread: Would like new limbs for old prowler...

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    Default Would like new limbs for old prowler...

    This is probably a long shot.
    I have an old Prowler, can't remember the year.
    It has a magnesium riser, and it uses the old style wheel cams.
    It's also painted in what I believe was called "phantom camo" (grey and black camo).

    It's a 60# bow, but I've outgrown it and I'd like to get the 70# limbs for it.

    Any ideas where I might find them?
    I'll probably check EBay at some point.

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    well, you would need to figure out which ones you need .there is a # and a letter on your limbs..mark where they are set ..then loosen the limb bolts and on the side by the limb bolt you will see them.. L-low-M medium -H high ..a few pounds different between them going up .. the # has 5 pounds difference.

    say you want ten more pounds and you have #M limbs would want #M limbs ..the L would give you lbs more lbs and the H about 12 more lbs can very a little but that is close ..

    also, there are different lengths magnum limbs are 14 inch's straight 16 inch then elite 18 inch's ..I think this is all correct ..

    it maybe easier in the end to buy a new Martin bow least you have an excuse..

    I hope this helps

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