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    I am just trying to change modules and need to get the set screw out.... Can somebody let me know how to take the screw out. The one screw that is under the limb.........Thanks

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    If you don't have a draw board you can step on the string with one foot and pull the bow towards you with one hand just enough to rotate the cam so the screw isn't under the limb and remove it with the other hand or have someelse remove it while you hold it.

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    Yeah, it's very simple. You right handed? Take your left hand and squeeze the cable and riser together somewhere below the grip. This will rotate the cam, usually enough to get the screw loose. Take the screw out, replace the mod and do it again to put the screw back in.

    If by chance the limbs are bottomed and you can handle the weight then either back the limbs off about 3 turns or squeeze the cable as I instructed and use a zip-tie to hold it while you do the work. When you get done just hold the cable while you cut the zip-tie with a pair of scissors.

    After you're all done with this then go get you a Bowmaster portable press. It works wonders for little jobs like this or replacing strings and cables. It'll last for years and can even fit in your hip pocket if you're a traveling hunter.
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