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Thread: Martin Cheetah and bowstring update for bfisher

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfisher View Post
    a reason for the majority of limb failures. Bows are just getting pushed too hard for the limb technology presently known
    Or maybe its just showing up poor quality control that manufacturers are using in this economic climate.


    My M-Pro is NO speed cam, no way near it. But I still use the speed cam column. My current arrow weight is 444 grains. Not too far off the recommended 446 grains.

    Quote Originally Posted by bfisher View Post
    All the speed is about is bragging rights.
    For hunting? Would have agreed with you one time Barry, especially when I was 'traditional'. I mostly hunt those wascally wabbits (and some deer) here and a bit of speed, say 250+ fps make a real difference in the the old success rate. An inch or so is a big deal on these little critters.
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    Default AMO Chart

    Hey Barry here is a copy of the AMO chart. Based on this Im good to go with my arrows since the minimum arrow only has to be 355 grains. Thanks for the info. on this

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