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Thread: Bengal Owners Post you comments on Bow!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Bengal Owners Post you comments on Bow!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok guys I am very intrested in the 07 Bengal. I currently shoot a 06 Saber and would like to buy a 07 Bengal. I only have 1 problem and that is the 6 1/2" BH of the Bengal. I love my Saber and it's 8 1/2" BH, I just dont kknow if the Bengal will be as forgiving as the Saber. Please let us members know what you think about you Bengal and likes and dislikes if any. I will be looking to purchase a Bengal over the winter so I am just lookin for input on the bow since it is NEW. If any Martin tech's can help out also PM me with any info .

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    Default Brace Height

    I have shot the Bengal and I can tell you, As I have posted previosly, WOW!!!
    Smooth and Fast. I would not be concerned about the BH. This Bow shoots and draws awesome. When I was talking to my Martin Rep, he indicated the BH may not be 6 1/2. He said it was more like 7 1/2. I did not measure it so I am not sure. All I can say is, I will be buying one !!!!

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    Default From a post I made on Archery Talk

    The Bengal Tiger is a ten foot long 500 pound silent killing machine. The Martin Bengal Compound Bow is a 32 inch ATA 4 pound silent killing machine. Either Bengal is a sinewy silent slick like oil on water shining in lethality machine. I usually shoot a monster machine known as the Martin Slayr (a 2004 edition). When the Bengal came out I was first in line saying ME! So you know how it applies to you my set up is as follows; draw length is 28 inches; draw weight is 58 pounds; Iím using a Copper John Dead Nuts Hunter 5 Pin, in Mossy oak; Copper John ScardyCat Pro drop away rest; a short X-Flite stabilizer; Carbon Express Eliminator 250 Hunterís cut to 26 inches with 4 inch vanes; Carter release; and a peep.

    First of all this awesome predator bow shoots like the wind before a thunderstorm. When you draw this bow it will leave you smiling. It draws like smooth whiskey with none of the kick. The power is amazing. As I drew this bow the first time the arrow slid up into position and I brought and held it on target. As my mind watched the pin home in on the dot of my target I was surprised that the release occurred. I felt the swoosh of the string past my arm, but the bow was dead silent. Silent like the deadly predator it isÖ.

    I was worried that I might spend several hours fiddling but I shot three ends and found it hitting right on the mark. I shot at 20 meters, and 30 meters for some idea of how steady it holds in my hands. My groupings at 20 meters cost me thee arrows the first few times around.

    After shooting separate dots for sighting in I had the infinite wisdom to shoot a group at 20 meters. Mama always said I like to play with fire. I shot six arrows into the bale and lost the fletching off one arrow. Just to make things interesting I shot another group (down to five arrows), and shattered the nock and took out the end of another arrow finally down to four arrows by the time I was done.

    Iíve been told this is supposed to be a bargain bow. It is a bargain. Let me tell you what kind of bargain. Iím scared to death of serving anything to the string so I took it down to my local Pro-Shop. Each of the proís walking around looked at it and said nice looking bow and asked if it was new. Thanks yes it isÖ. Iím the crazy guy with all the Martin bows. I started asking them what they though MSRP was on the bow. I got answers from $600 to $800 on first glance. Very interesting I was thinking to myself. They all came back for another look when I said MSRP was $399. Whoís crazy now?

    At the Pro-Shop I had them serve in the ScardyCat Pro rest draw string, and a new Peep. There were a few problems with the peep as the string would rotate substantially on draw. We figured it out and got it to work without a Peep Tube on the string and cable. When the Archery tech drew the Bengal back he let back down and looked at the bow. He drew it back again and then let down. I asked if anything was wrong and he just said ďIt draws really niceĒ.

    Talk about the big cat in the woods. The draw on this bow is buttery smooth. It draws back and snuggles into the valley like a kitten does to momma cat. Itís not until you release that you realize that youíve got a tiger by the tail. The rest smacking down on the shelf is the loudest thing about this bow (note to self put some felt on the shelf). As you draw back the grip feels good pushing back into the bow hand. My form is not nearly perfect (hardly), and I anchor at three points (nose tip, jaw line with lower knuckle, ear nerve with upper knuckle) and bow hand relaxed. As I anchor and run my internal shot check list things settle in. The Bengal is substantially lighter than my Slayr and as I watch the pin settles and locks on the target spot. I would expect whistling and screaming banshees when I released but there is the smack of the rest into the shelf and a thud on the target.

    Quite a satisfying shooter to be sure.

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    It's actually listed at 6 3/4" not 6 1/2".

    I have no problem with it, but I've had shorter braces before. Mine is 6 3/4".

    I'd rate mine as very forgiving. I'd say it's more forgiving than my 37"x7.25" Phantom II Nitrous X.

    I'm pretty sure I have some target pictures around here from it..

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    Thanks guys looks like I will be ordering one over the winter and keeping my Saber too. I have $110 saved up as of today so it looks like it might be a Xmas present to myself.

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    Montey Jessey


    Quote Originally Posted by Elk4me
    Thanks guys looks like I will be ordering one over the winter and keeping my Saber too. I have $110 saved up as of today so it looks like it might be a Xmas present to myself.
    I would love to have a new bengal for Christmas, those bows look sweet as heck!!

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    Smile 2007 Bengal

    To follow up my earlier post! I have tweaked and tuned the Bengal and have it shooting nice groups out to 50 yards. For those of you maybe facing the same problems as I did out of the box I did the following to solve my problems. The Bengal does not react well to high draw weight's so I lowered mine to 62#'s from 70#'s.This solved most of the cam lean I was having. You will also want to adjust the cable guard and use just as much clearance that is needed and thats it! I also looked at the cam and the slots the cable rides in and their are some sharp edges on the cam. So I took masking tape and taped the cam and limbs up to protect them from the filing work I was going to do. I took a small round file and worked the sharp edges off the cam so it would quit eating the serving off the string. On most single cam bow's you will have some cam lean but you don't want a lot and by lowering my draw weight and adjusting the cable guard from where the archery shop had it. Most of my cam lean was solved. But I am still hanging onto my Mathews but for the money and with some tuning the Bengal is a nice accurate bow. I have shot Bow-Tech before and you are correct it is a nice Bow. But when buying my Swithback I felt for me it was a better Bow than Bow-Tech for me!!! I am glad you like yours and good luck with it.

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    I shoot my Bengal at 70lbs with no problems.
    My friend was watching me yesterday and saying that all he could hear was the string wooshing and then thunk to a stop.

    I didn't do anything special to tune it and get it shooting great.

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    I also have had problems with my bengal.It is hiting all over the place when i first bought the bow it was cuttinbg the serving had to take it back to the pro shop and have the cam worked on.I got it back and still it was causeing alot of damage to the serving at the cam took it back and i finally paid and had a winners choice put on.I got it back yesterday,still all over the place,my cable gaurd is just missing my fletching,i got my center shot ,shot through paper.hour and half later i ended up with rest as far right as it will go and sights as far left as they will go. at 20 yrds still hiting high left.i am at my wits end......My pro shop and me are getting tired of seeing each other,to close to season to do much but pray!

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    You had the cam "worked on"???? It should've been replaced if you took it to a dealer.
    I don't understand what putting on a WC string would do if the cam is still damaging your strings other than to damage a more expensive string.

    Lay an arrow against the side of your window, right next to your arrow. Parallel to that is how your arrow should be. If it is not at least close then you have a spine problem (adjust draw weight and use different weight points to rule that out), a torque problem (most likely) or a fletching clearance problem (very easy to rule out).

    Lay an arrow on the shelf under your arrow. If you use a loop that should be close to where it tunes for level. By adjusting how much space you give between the arrow and the lower knot you can get bows to tune level.

    That is how I initially set up all of my bows. If the center shot is away from center and it's not vane contact I know it is me and nothing else (I know my arrows are correct). I'll use paper tuning but it's to figure out what I'm doing to the grip.

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