This is my first post on here but I have been a Martin Bow owner for longer than some of you have lived! My Martin Firecat shoots like new and she is so old I can't even remember when I bought her brand shiny new down in Tampa Florida. I moved up here from Tampa almost 27 years ago and she was a few years old then! She has TRI-DRAW Wheels and they were the cats pajamas back then and they still work perfect and I have never had to replace the original SUPER CABLES. The Black Pro Series laminate/wood limbs still work and look great except for a few nicks here and there from bow-fishing and target shooting outings. I used to love to go out to the Gasparilla Range at Lake Park in Lutz, Fl just north of Tampa and shoot all day. This bow (and me pointing it) can still knock out the center black at 50 yards and I have split an arrow a la Robin Hood more than once!

Remember - when you buy QUALITY you get a LIFETIME of enjoyment - - -

1980? Martin Firecat with PRO SERIES Limbs and Tri-Draw Wheels. I am guessing at the year based on when I think I started shooting this baby.
I sent a message to Martin Tech Support with the serial number to verify what my mind fails to remember!

The Trigger still works as good as when I bought it new 30 something years ago but I can't remember who made it - still as solid as my Firecat.
I need to replace the eyepiece rubber tube - the old one finally rotted out today and popped when I fully loaded the string back.

Tri-Draw Wheels - You move the string to 1 of 3 slots to change draw weight.

Pro Series Limbs on the Black Sparkled Riser makes it look as good as it shoots.