I have been shooting bows since I was 8 or 9 years old. That's 56 years ago and we did not have sights and no such thing as compound bows till I was almost 30. We had some gorgeous recurves and long bows though. I am willing to bet 3/4ths of you folks couldn't even string a 60# recurve bow. Most of you would break a leg or an arm or lose some teeth! Anyway, back to target shooting without sights. The anchor point - since day one back in 1954 I was taught to anchor my thumb right behind the jaw just as it turns up. Back then there was a solid line there - now I have to push in to find it!!! On me that put the shaft right down the split of my lips. The string would be pressed wight into the end of my nose so I had to sight by looking down the arrow shaft at the arrow point. You judge the elevation and windage just using your eyes and the knowledge learned with shooting many arrows into the air and often not hitting anything but the ground way back there somewhere. Today we have fancy compound bows with peeps and sights and even scopes that make the target look as big as a plate. Anyone can pick up one of those bows and with very little training hit the target. Not to say that is not a good thing to get people interested in the sport - but I think shooting a bare bow is a lost art only us old fools do. I still shoot a 50 something year old recurve with no sights just to keep in practice AND it is a great way to work on those old arm and shoulder muscles. A 60 pound recurve is a 60 pound load you are holding the whole time you are aiming at your target. When my grandson gets a little bigger I will start him out on my old Ben Pearson recurve bow that is 35 years older than he is. He will learn the fundamentals of the bow and estimating distance and windage and he will be able to knock out the center of a 50 yard target WITHOUT sights before he will pick up a compound bow - - - and one of these days when I no longer have the strength I might even give him my old Martin Firecat. Yes, she has sight markers and a peep - but she will have a lot of shooting skills stored up in her . . . . . . . She is around 30 years old now but she thinks she is NEW!