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    just got my new pentera about a week ago and having a few problems . to start with the first thing i noticed was the hand grip was torn at a seam. I figured no big deal i can live with it. Next, i replaced the draw length module for my draw and the screw holes don't line up, and couldnt get the screws in. Again, no big deal I did a little filing and in the screws went. I followed the basic setup per the instructions and noticed there was only a plastic washer on the arrow rest mount which would allow the rest to be moved too easily if bumped. Once again, no big deal, and I fixed the problem with a metal washer. After the basic setup, fired some arrows and noticed the drop away rest wast never in the same place twice at full draw. The cord locking mechanism kept sliding on the cable a little bit with every draw. eventually the rest would barely lift the arrow. I crimped on a brass nock above the cord and another problem solved., But I also noticed one of the cables wasen't even on the pulley. Grrrr.. I fixed the cable take some more shots and boy this thing sure is LOUD!!! I decide to do a little paper tuning and the arrows are tearing huge 4" tears. Make adjustments and I can't even get it close. plus the nock cord keeps sliding up on the string. I think I must have done something wrong so I take it to bass pro and have the guy set it up with all his fancy lazers and stuff, but he's real buzy so I can't try it out there. Take it home, same thing. real noisey, and tearing big holes in the paper, and the nock won't hold it's position. I put on a metal nock with screws thinking this will clamp down good, plus I can move it anywhere I want, I do some real drastic adjusting, and it starts to get close, but the nock and arrow rest are so far out of whack something must be wrong with this thing. The noc is higher than I think it should be, and the arrow rest down and left. And the noc still moves a little with every shot. Definitely not right. Almost like the string is too slippery. I need a little help before I throw this thing in the garbage.

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    Where are you located. I am a Martin dealer. I have been shooting Martin bows for over 22 years. I will be glad to take a look at it and set it up. I have already setup one cheetah, one leopard, and three Firecats this year. I have set all three up in the vice and eyeballed the rest and nock point. I have adjusted the poundages and draw lengths and run it through the paper. I have not had to adjust a single them on them once I run it through the paper. Every one of them is shooting great and have no problems.

    I am in GA. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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    First it would be nice if you registered and gave us a little info about yourself and where you are located. That's what user profiles are for. We on this forum are a pretty good bunch of guys. Just Martin shooters, not Martin employees or higher-ups. We are on here just to help people like yourself and enjoy each others' company and share our knowledge and experiences. You are welcome to do the same.

    The first responder here just shows that there are people willing to help you.

    As for your bow? Lets take things a little at a time. The fact that you can't figure things out suggests you have limited experience. The fact that you would put a metal loop on the string just solidifies this.

    Just for starters I would suggest that with the problems you are having you need the services of a pro shop. A good archery shop. Hands-on looking and working on the bow is obviously needed at this point. It doesn't need to be a Martin dealer. There is nothing magical about one bow vs another. They all pretty much work the same way.
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