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Thread: LF Martin Cougar Magnum M-15e info.

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    Talking LF Martin Cougar Magnum M-15e info.

    Many years ago I bought a Cougar Magnum at a pawn It took me forever just to find out what type of bow it was. A Cougar Magnum M-15e. I assume the 'e' is for the Energy Cam since this has a much different style wheel than the M-15's I see pictured. The archery history image shows my bow and lists the name, but I can't find squat about this bow anywhere.

    As far as I can tell this thing still has the original cables. I have replaced the string a few times.

    Is there a manual for the M-15e itself? Or just the one for the M-15?
    What are the specs for this bow?
    Also any info on the Energy Cam setup would be awesome.

    I love this bow, and I would like to get more info on it.
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