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    I had issues with my idler wheel damaging my bow string and Martin sent me a new bow string, cable, and idler wheel. However, now I have to figure out how to set the bow up. I managed to get the new cable, string, and wheel on the bow last night. Took a little time and got a little dicey at one point, but I manged to get the string, cable, and wheel on. The bow appears to be working fine though I have not shot it yet. I did pull it back and slowly let it down though.

    Is there any information that you can give a rookie on how to set up the Pantera? Does the Pantera cam have timing marks that I need to know about? Should I now set my nock and shoot a bit and then set my peep?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Sounds to me as though you're on your way to a long and successful archery career. That's the best way to learn how a bow works. Tear it down and put it back together. One thing though. Always take pictures of string/cable tracking, cam position and such.

    There aren't any cam timing marks on Martin cams. Set the bow up the way you want, get the brace height and A2A close to specs by twisting cable/string. Set the draw length and draw weight and get to shooting. Maybe a hundred shots or so just to settle the string and get rid of initial creep.

    Then measure everything again. Take pictures of the cam from the side and post them. Also measure how much string groove is showing where the string comes of the cam. I think there should be about 1/2". Maybe 3/4".

    How's the idler wheel lean? Did you get that part right?
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    Thanks for the support. I posted on another site and was starting to take heat for doing it myself. I think the poster must have owned a bow shop.

    I am learning!

    I did take lots of photos, but next time I will mark the post that the cables go to and the post that the strings go to. I got a little confused at one point and put the cable on a sting post (I don't know if that is the technical name, but the part of the cam that the loops on the cable and string attach to).

    I will measure and record the string grove.

    Can you point me to some documentation on twisting cables and strings and how it effects the brace height and ATA? It seems to me that the cable and string would effect both effect the brace and ATA.

    I have not adjusted the idler wheel lean. I actually am thinking of calling Martin on that. In the past I set it to be perfectly parrel with the string, but I think maybe it should lean slightly towards the CSS. I was thinking maybe set it so that it angles half way between the angle formed with the string and the CSS system. What are your thoughts? It seems to me that would reduce the likely hood of the wheel damaging the string in the future?

    Any information is greatly appreciated.


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