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Thread: 2007 Marting Bengal

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    Unhappy 2007 Marting Bengal

    Dear Martin,
    I recently, (9-15-06), purchased your newly released Martin Bengal from a dealer here locally. Having only had it a couple of days now and doing nothing but setting the bow up to shoot accurately I have noticed the bow shooting high left, sight pens and rest are fully adjusted to compensate.. it still shoots high left. It appears the bottom cam leans to the left and the cervix on the yoke cable at the cam is coming apart, as you will see in the enclosed pictures. Is this something I should take back to the pro shop where I bought it or is something that can be taken care of through your Company. Please advise on what I should do next.
    Sincerely and with Best Regards
    Tom Poole

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    Hey Mr. Poole,

    Take a close look at the Cam and see if it might have a burr on it. That sometimes will make the serving wear REALLY fast. It can even cut the string. The Cam lean though may be a by product of a couple things. How far the cable guard has been set out to clear the fletching is a biggie. You only want it tensioning enough to clear fletching and not pulling the cables way far out. That will also dramatically effect cam lean. Another thing that effects cam lean is how the cables themselves are set up and twisted.

    Didn't get to see the pictures as they weren't attached, but gotta say sounds like you've still got some tuning issues. Once tuned the Bengal shoots darn well. i was shooting 5 inch groups yesterday with my new Bengal at 50 yards, pins, and a shorty stablizer. Once you get it dialed in you'll be loving it.

    Not affiliated with martin just an enthusiast hoping we can get you up and running and more importantly happy.

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    As it says at the front of the forum,
    "NOTE: Martin Tech support does not answer questions raised on this website. Martin Tech Support is available Monday - Friday, PST 8:00A - 4:30P via the Martin Website contact page, or by phone."
    You may not get an answer from Martin here.
    It would be fastest for you to call them, or take it to your pro-shop.

    It sounds like you have some sharp edges on the cam. You should take it back to the pro-shop and they will get Martin to send you a new cam and string.
    I had sharp edges but I didn't shoot it for very long before I polished them down and made my own string so I don't know how bad they were, just that they cut the original string's loops when I took them off.

    Cam lean is on single cam bows and there's not much you can do about it. It depends on how bad it is whether it's an issue. Another thing that your pro-shop can see in person.

    For the high and left issue, that's another hard one to figure out without seeing it.
    It could be arrow spine, it could be torque, it could be fletching contact, or if your cam lean is excessive it could be that too.

    I set my center shot and figure if the bow wants to tune away from that other than for very fine adjustments that it's either my form, contact or the arrow spine.

    High and low I would look to where you're anchoring and where you have the peep set if it's there after you make sure there's no contact.

    Same as selil's, my Bengal is very accurate.

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