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Thread: Cat 2 to Nitrous B ?

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    Default Cat 2 to Nitrous B ?

    I have a Firehawk with a new set of Cat 2 cams to be installed on it. I don't really like the Cat 2's and was wondering if anyone knows if I can replace them with Nitrous B's maybe even the X system. Anyone done this mod? any advice would be appreciated

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    What year FireHawk is it? Reason I ask is that I was just looking to do a conversion. I wanted to take the Nitrous X system from my 2005 ShadowCat and put it on my FireCat. The FireCat has 2010 limbs and Cat2 cams.

    Checking it out I found that the space between the limb forks is too narrow for the Nitrous cams. A real bummer because I was really looking forward to seeing just how the Nitrous cams would perform on a parallel limbed bow.

    The distance between the 2010 limb forks is .710" and the Nitrous cams need close to .800" so it isn't going to work with my bows. Bummer.
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    Default 09 firehawk

    Surely i could open it up just enough for the nitrous cams. Thats a small amount to take out with a file. I really liked my notrous c cams on my slayer and probably never should have sold it. I also really liked my mpro cam as well. I wonder if it would work on the firehawk. I'm not stuck on speed at all just stuck on a feel. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by bj61 View Post
    Surely i could open it up just enough for the nitrous cams. Thats a small amount to take out with a file.
    I wouldn't touch the limbs. You might be able to slim down the spacers?

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    My actual limbs miss a chip on the inside of the limb fork where the axles goes through. No problem until now. I think that filing them and using with the way less agressive Cams could work AND last.
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