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hi sonny, what is the winners circle in a bow magazine?
Winner's circle is a expression. It basically means the boys or girls in the top three of each class.

It is a rare feat for anyone to score high enough with a short ata bow to place in the top three. Here, the vast majority of those placing and winning have bows of 38 inches of ata or more. My shortest bow is 37 7/8" and my longest is 41 1/2".

To us, instinctively, means use of fingers and no sights. Here again and especially here, the longer ata bow is desired. Short ata bows pinch the fingers way too much.

I've heard bows and archery equipment over there are high priced, but if my conversion is correct, 3000 pounds = $4498.45, I could buy about 5 top end bows over here. Saying "You're getting ripped off" doesn't even begin to tell the story.

Wish you well in your archery events.