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    Shooting 09 Bengal with CCS , and having erratic flight. Bow is tuned and rest is centered up. I tried paper tune, and all I knew. Different shafts and points. Nothing. THEN with powder on arrow, guess what I found Fletches are touching the CSS, very slightly, but hitting it.
    Rotated flethches, no change. Setup : 58 lbs -29" draw- beman 400/w 125grain- 28.5 arrow. Release- loop.
    Any suggestions, other than taking off the CSS.

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    May be you can change the fletches? If you're sure that they cause the problem. You can try some extra tuning of the rest also. Hope the other more experienced archers here would help you better.
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    Yes Dang try a narrower fletching or try puting a washer between the ccs and the bow ??? I don't have my Bengal back yet to verify how far my fletchings are away from the ccs or if this would work?? Good Luck!!
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    If you have your draw length right, it could be as simply torquing the bow. What release are you using?

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