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Thread: martin is not a common mans bow

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    Exclamation martin is not a common mans bow

    i bought my martin rage pro series 5 years ago 600$ i figured this was the last year until i was going to buy a new one but 9 days before season my limb snaps.i called martin they acted really cool took it to the local martin dealer(who i hate dealing with but different story) they want 240$ dollars plus what that a** hole wants to put it all together long story short MARTIN HAS WHAT THERE LAWYERS CALL A LIMITED LIFE TIME WARRENTY WHAT THE F**K DOES THAT MEAN IM TAKING MY 300$ AND BUYING BOW TECH SOMEONE WHO WILL STAND BY THERE PRODUCT A COMMON WORKING MAN DOESNT WANT TO BUY A 600$ BOW TURN AROUND AND PUT 300$ INTO IT NOT COUNTING ALL THE GADGETS TOO BAD MARTIN GOT 5 YEARS OF GREAT WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISEMENT NOW THEY WILL GET AS LONG AS I LIVE NEGITIVE IF I HEAR ANYONE SAY MARTIN I WILL HAVE TOO TELL THEM THAT THEY WOULD RATHER SPEND MILLIONS ON ADVERTISEMENT BUT WOUNT STAND UP FOR THE SMALL MAN.

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    Jack NZ


    They've treated me ok for around 28 years.
    Maybe they just don't like you.
    But then I'm not that common anyway,I'm more your average peasant,maybe that's it.
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    I've had nothing but professional wonderful superlative service from Martin these last two years. I know that doesn't represent a long time, but it does represent 6 Martin Bows. I've got seven shooters I support in my family. Other than having a big family I'm a pretty common guy who serves my community for not a lot of money.

    So you ain't talking for me.

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    Default selil

    please explain this companys motto to me then yes 5 years is a long time for a bow but I DIDNT BREAK IT its never fallen out of a tree never dry fired hell i take better care of my bow then my wonderful wife I BUY A BOW FOR 600$ THERE LIMB BREAKS AND IM OUT ANOTHER 300$ NO THANKS YOU MUST BE A RICH COMMON MAN OR A LAWYER IM TAKING MY 300$ AND GOING WITH A COMPANY THAT STANDS BY THERE BOWS BOW TECH I WISH MARTIN WOULD TAKE CARE OF ME THEN YOU AND I WOULD AGREE BUT THEY WOUNT

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    It sounds to me like your problem is with your local dealer and not Martin. Their charge for limbs seems awful high. I could imagine one of the locals here trying to do that so you would buy a new bow rather than make them fix one.
    Did you point out to the dealer that it is warranty work and show your receipt?

    Call Martin and tell them about your problems. I bet they will let you send it directly to them.

    They sent me limbs to replace mine, they didn't even wait for mine to reach them before shipping them even though I told them it was my spare so I was in no rush and wouldn't get the cracked limbs off until the weekend.

    I've seen them extend the better warranty to bows with the 5 year warranty and I've even seen them warranty used bows.

    But of course if you go at them with the attitude you're displaying here you should expect them to stick to the letter of the warranty. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

    Judging from the experiences I've seen I'm thinking the few who don't get joy from Martin's service are those who call up and start reaming out the person on the phone.

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    Wait a minute, this is you isn't it?

    martin rage limb problem?
    ive owned my martin for 6 years and it is by far the best bow ever!until today sept 21 10 days away from HEAVEN my limb cracked well worst then cracked it blew up how can i get this bow fixed my local bow tech dealer is gonna let me use his old bow if i promise to buy a bow tech next year I DONT WANT A BOW TECH he has me by the balls any advice?
    Do you really wonder why your BOWTECH dealer wants to over charge you for limbs that should be completely free to you?
    AND you're actually going to reward that crap????

    Sounds to me like you're letting yourself be conned by a scam artist who sidelines as a Bowtech dealer.

    Good luck making it 6 years without breaking one of their limbs.

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    Default myk

    yes same story but my local bow tech dealer cant get limbs from martin i had to take it to bobs bait and tackle hastings mi martin said when i called them the limbs were 360$ they would take half off 180$ plus bobs is high on everything when i called martin josh at the tech department was cool when i called back i shouldve waited to talk to him your right honey and flies but im in panic mode right now PLEASE HELP MARTIN GOD SOMEONE WITH FEELINGS

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    sorry bud but martin has done nothing but good things for me. Bought my bow used and have taken it to my local martin dealer and they've always treated me right. your problem is not with martin but with other dealers. MYK is right your gettin scammed by that bowtech dude. i've had a bowtech in between my martins and i had so many problems i disasembled and throw it in the trash because i wasn't mean enought to sell it to anyone else. And i took good care of it because i couldn't afford not to. so if your switching from martin to bowtech good luck. i would suggest FredBear second best to martin to me. good luck and happy huntings.

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    Just thought this should go with this post. Glad everything worked out for you.

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    Montey Jessey


    Yeah dude, sounds like your dealer is just trying to hose you over something feirce. Or, Martin just doesn't like you cause they've been nothing but great to me and a bunch of others I see.

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