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Thread: martin is not a common mans bow

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    Quote Originally Posted by smarpo
    Just a side note the mini mods are adjustable from 26-28" on my setup. don't know if you know this but you can change the cam size to get whatever draw length you want with the same mods, may take a different string though. Don't know that I'm as good of a shot as you but I think the bow is up to it.
    That's very different then. That would fit 29" with regular mods.
    I may have to send Joel a PM.

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    [QUOTE=Myk]That's very different then. That would fit 29" with regular mods.
    I may have to send Joel a PM.[/QUOTE
    Myk, let me know what you find out if you send a pm to Joel. The first dealer I talked to about this said Martin wouldn't do custom setups anymore. The dealer that got the bow for me said Martin would probably start offering this option. As far as I know mine is the first and only one, I would like to know if and when others start showing up, and what the owners think of them.

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    Default Martin Quality

    I purchased my first Martin bow in 97' (Cheetha) and bought an 07' Bengal a few weeks ago. I have been very happy with both bows and the helpfulness of the Martin tech support. Kuddo's
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    Default Cut the foul language...What are you thinking!!!

    I read all the comments on this original thread, and in a nut said it yourself "I don't like the dealer/pro-shop" Hello, where do you think you went wrong first??? Don't go cutting off the arm to save the finger!!!! I personally have never had a problem with Martin Bows...apparentely you and others have had a problem...the others probably didn't come off with such strong language!! That be your first problem, second problem is trusting in someone else to take care of your bow problem without caring (That might be something Martin is interested in hearing about...and maybe cancelling there dealer outlet at that particular location and/or critizing the store for poor quality service!!) Needless to say, I believe in confidence that Martin would give me the best Warranty Service in the Werstern Hemisphere...if I ever had a problem...I have done my studying in the last couple years, and actually wasn't even aware untill most recently that Martin had a interactive web-site!!!! In reference to my studies of Martin: I find them to be the most dependable bows; least expensive and just "FLAT OUT STRAIGHT SHOOTING BOWS ON THE MARKET"...OH, Did I mention, I have never had a problem with any of my bows built by Martin...My Personal History: I have owned only a few Martin Bows compared to some, but I have owned 14 different bows and they have all worked flawlessly, even after five or six years!!!! In fact, those that I sold to others "used", are still ticking away flawlessly...and the ones I kept are still as strong and dependable as ever!!!! Get a new dealer/pro-shop...or do like I did and learn about archery and bows, it is not brain surgery....I won't trust anyone but myself to touch my bows anymore!!! And niether will my Father or my Uncle or my two personal friends, they just come to me, because I spent the time and learned about bows...they all shoot dead accurate, with flawless equipment, and never even worry anymore, because I care and follow the 10 commandments of Martin Bows(THEY ALL SHOOT MARTIN BOWS ALSO, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST)!!! I mentioned Studying Martin Bows for a couple years, but I have actually been shooting Martin Bows and tuning/installing equipment on Martin Bows for a short 26 years!!!! Bottom line, if you had come into my business with that attitude...I would make sure that the door hit you in the rear on the way out!!! Good luck with your new adventure in bows...bow tech and others have their good quality's but are just a shadow of Martin Bows....I am not a salesman, just do my studying and actually after 26 years of using their equipment, probably have a darn good idea what is GREAT!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyrayscottjr
    i bought my martin rage pro series 5 years ago 600$ i figured this was the last year until i was going to buy a new one but 9 days before season my limb snaps.i called martin they acted really cool took it to the local martin dealer(who i hate dealing with but different story) they want 240$ dollars plus what that a** hole wants to put it all together long story short MARTIN HAS WHAT THERE LAWYERS CALL A LIMITED LIFE TIME WARRENTY WHAT THE F**K DOES THAT MEAN IM TAKING MY 300$ AND BUYING BOW TECH SOMEONE WHO WILL STAND BY THERE PRODUCT A COMMON WORKING MAN DOESNT WANT TO BUY A 600$ BOW TURN AROUND AND PUT 300$ INTO IT NOT COUNTING ALL THE GADGETS TOO BAD MARTIN GOT 5 YEARS OF GREAT WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISEMENT NOW THEY WILL GET AS LONG AS I LIVE NEGITIVE IF I HEAR ANYONE SAY MARTIN I WILL HAVE TOO TELL THEM THAT THEY WOULD RATHER SPEND MILLIONS ON ADVERTISEMENT BUT WOUNT STAND UP FOR THE SMALL MAN.

    Man someone is giving you a line of crap!!!! Martin warrants their limbs 100% for the first 10 yrs to the original owner!!! Nuff said!!!!! The only one thats not looking out for you is your dealer!!!!!!!!!! I've have nothing but good things to say about Martin. They're a class act and stand behind their products. You need to get your story straight and get the facts!

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    Default Martin Dealers

    I have read this Post and I am glad things got sorted out! I have had Martin Bows for more than 25 years. Martin has always been good to me. I have to agree with the dealer issue though. Martin is quick to send you to a local dealer. Well Martin dealers arn't growing on trees! I have one in my area who is a total joke! My advise is the same as the rest in this post. Call Martin directly. It is a shame some of the crap we as consumers have to deal with, it is refreshing to deal with a company so willing to help.
    Thanks Martin for the best Bows in the world and great service !!!!

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