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Thread: Newbie requesting advice on new bow

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    Talking Newbie requesting advice on new bow

    Hello all, here goes. I'm sure this will spark all kinds of back and forth but I'm looking for good advice. I am new to the sport, and am going to be buying my first bow in the next week or two. For all who are out there, what would you suggest for me in the martin lineup? I'm looking currently at the P3, ShadowCat, or the Cougar. I'm not SOLD on those three, just where I'm at now. Any advice would be surely appreciated.

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    The best thing to do is to try them and pick the one that feels the best and performs the best.
    If you pick up a bow as a newbie and it works for you it should only get better as you do.

    But out of your picks I would say either the Shadowcat #1 or the Cougar #2. I think going only by the specs those should be the most forgiving of mistakes.

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    just gonna put out there that my ShadowCat has done nothing but great things for me. your probably gonna want to see the bows in person because i was gonna get a P3 but got the ShadowCat because of the way it sat in my hand and to me it just felt better. but everyones different. so go to your local Basspro or Martin dealer and look around

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