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Thread: fury cams vs Nitrous

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    Default fury cams vs Nitrous

    who has experience shooting with both of those cams? What is difference in feel?

    thanks a lot in advance!

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    Default I'll give it a shot....

    I've got a couple each of the Fury cam and Nitrous cam bows (I'm actually converting a couple Fury cam bows over to NitrousX, but I am keeping one set up on Fury, & I'm keeping my Fury cams.

    Generally speaking, the Fury cam feels like it has a more gradual draw curve, and a bit longer valley & softer wall than the Nitrous cams. The Fury cams are draw length specific, so if one just fits you right, it is great, but if you are in between, it might take some string or release tweaking to fit you just so. I found that the #4 Fury cams on the short brace bows with straight limbs like the Rage, Bengal (old style 1999), and Fury fit me perfectly. The #3 Fury cam on Elite limbs was a little less ideal.

    The Nitrous cam's big plusses are the adjustable draw length & convertability to shoot thru X system. The Fury Xcams were shoot thru only, and only 65%, whereas the Nitrous can be shot standard or shoot thru, & HL modules are available for both. The wall is very hard on the Nitrous cams compared to the Fury cams, and the bigger cams (C body) can seem extra heavy to get started if you are used to softer drawing bows.

    Both are super fast and can easily be tuned for perfect timing and pinpoint accuracy. Good strings are critical for either cam system.
    Note the 2007 Martin line has a new Furious cam, which appears to be a redesign of the Fury cam, but with modules to allow some length adjustment and convertability to shoot thru.

    I hope this helps.


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    Cool Fury-X!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by arnoldas
    who has experience shooting with both of those cams? What is difference in feel?

    thanks a lot in advance!
    I have #1 Fury-X cam for my cougar III, and Nitrous-X for Scepter III.
    I tested both cams with my cougar riser, even competed at FITA 1440 round.

    I prefer Fury-X than Nitrous-X..
    The wall with Nitrous-X was not clear for me...especially bad at long distance targe like 70m and 90m.
    My best at 90m was 336/360 with fury-X, but 320/360 with Nitrous-X.

    I know it depends on archers, there are also many archers who love Nitrous-X than Fury-X.

    Hope the new cam "Furious-X" will be the best cams in Martin history.

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    thank you both, Tristanc and dgmeadows

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