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Thread: bearings for old fury cams

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    Default bearings for old fury cams

    can the bushings in older fury cams be replaced with the new speed bearings

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    Even if they can't, check this out. I'm sure they have the bearings you'd need. They are excellent bearings too.

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    I have never shot a bow with the Fury cams, but other bows that used bushings. My experience is that bearings have a much larger outside diameter than bushings so won't fit. It's possible I'm wrong about the Fury cam but a call to sustomer service should get you the info you need.

    I know the Furious cams use bushings so if yours are worn it's quite possible that they have replacements for your cam. Might even be the same bushings.

    I've changed a few in my time and they are usually just a press-in fit. Pretty easy, really.
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