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Thread: Firecat TR2 IBO - ABO

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfisher View Post
    Aaaaah, I'll bet he means AMO. The old speed rating back in the 80's and early 90's. If I remember right it was at 30", 60#, and shooting a 540 grain arrow (9 gr/lb).
    AMO hey, hmmmm......the real speed rating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destroyer View Post
    AMO hey, hmmmm......the real speed rating.
    Not really. I don't know anybody who shoots 9 gr/lb any more. There are certainly a few, but I don't know anybody. Tell ya one thing though. It sure makes for a nice quiet hunting bow and a lot less damaged limbs.

    Still, when bows were shown with both AMO and IBO ratings I used to just split the difference for what I figured a bow would get and this came out closer in the real world than the inflated number advertised today.

    Frankly I get such as kick out of all the pseed talk these days. Guys think bows are so much faster than just 5 years ago. I had a bow once that shot 50#, 27" draw, and the arrow was an X7 1614 weighing 281 grains. It shot that arrow at 232 fps, not blistering by today's standards, but this was a 1977 Jennings Arrowstar with round wheels, 40% letoff, and Dacron string.

    I also had a 1979 Pearson Prostaff 4000 (61#, 28" draw) that shot a 540 gr XX75 2018 at 228 fps. This was a hunting setup. It peaked 61# with 38# holding weight. Try that on for size today.

    I had a 1992 Darton Viper that shot 281 fps at 6 gr/lb. If I recall correctly this one had an AMO speed rating of 235 fps.

    So really, bows today are not all that much faster considering the technology that has gone into the cams and reflexed risers. All the risers did was eliminate the use of overdraws. Now it's built in. Bows today have no resemblence to those of yesteryear except that they have a riser, two limbs, some wheels, and string/cables holding it all together. That's one thing that hasn't really changed at all.
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    One thing that has changed it the perception of what a speed bow is. Today a 7" brace height is forgiving!

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