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    Hi guys, I just bought a used 2002 Cougar and really like it. It has the fury cams and factory strings and cables. I'm shooting it at 27 inches and 63 lbs. I'm shooting Easton Carbon fury 45/60 arrows (not sure of the exact grains) with a whisker biscuit rest. My question is; The listed IBO on the website is 310FPS but when I shto through the crono I'm shooting only 239FPS. Why is this? Is there anything I can do to get it a little faster? I'm not a speed junky but that's a diference of 71 FPS.

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    IBO is 30" @ 70lbs with 350gr arrows.
    Probably nothing on the string except a nock point.

    You lose around 10fps per inch of draw length. Right there is at least 30fps.
    You lose around 1fps per pound of draw length. Remove another 10fps.

    I've never heard of Easton Carbon Fury, but Bass Pro has some named that. They are about 10gpi. So I would guess them to be around 450gr, 100gr over.
    5gr is about 1fps, so 20fps.

    Giving you a total of 60fps. Add in peep and nocking point and you're about right.

    The biggest thing you can do to gain speed is the thing that you should most not do, get more draw length.
    You can get arrows that weight 5 grains per pound but that won't give you major amounts of speed and will increase noise and wear and tear on the bow and strings.
    You could draw more weight but that wouldn't get you that much speed.

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    I shoot a 2002 Cougar Elite with 00 Fury cams, 26" draw and a 320 grain arrow at 240 ft. per second, set at 55 lbs. Are you sure that you have the correct lenght string? It sounds like someone short strung it to get the 27" draw lenght. That would preload the cams and you would loose alot of speed.


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    Let us know what number the cams are, you should have 0 Fury cam for 27" draw. This way you can rule out the long or short string lenght issue. Also like Myk said, you are givin up a lot with a 27" draw, 63# and heavy arrows. I would get lighter arrows, somewhere around 380-410 grains for that draw lenght and poundage. This will help your speed for hunting. If you are shooting 3D then get arrows 320 grains for your setup (just over 5 grain per pound).
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