This bow is everything I have dreamed of when it comes to compound bows. I have yet to buy one, but will after this season is over. I'm a big fan of Nathan Jones and his show Wild Extremes on the Mens Channel. He only lives 25 or 30 minutes from my small town and would love to meet him. I am a member of the wild extremes website and love it there. He told me about the Slayer Extreme and I went over to the Pro shop he uses and talked to the ppl there. They gave me the bow to let me feel it in my hands. I must say it was very top heavy and right off the bat I was like I don't like it.

But then I decided to shoot it. The shop guy set a Whisker Busicuit on the bow and told me to pump out some shots. I pulled it back and aim out of instinct. I let one fly and put it dead on with the target. I said to the shop guy, dead deer. I just looked and admired this bow. I took a couple more shots and had the fletchings touching one another. This bow is very accurate, and pretty darn fast. Over the years I've shot many bows, and that Slayer X SE is the best one I've ever shot. Even with high Fps speed I couldn't believe how whisper silent that bow was.

I'm gonna get one after this season is over and shoot away until next fall.