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    Here's the deal I'm a 21 year old female hunter looking to go from being a 3D target shooter to an archery hunter. I'm looking at buying a new bow that I can use to work up to 50# draw weight for hunting. My problem is the new website is quite confusing and the 2007 catalog is too. At least to me it is. Maybe I'm just not experienced enough with buying bows or am overlooking something, though.

    Out of all the bows, that are listed on the Martin site for 2007, are any of them possible in a 28" draw length, 80% let-off, and the ability to start out at 40# and adjust up to 50# for hunting that come in some form of full camo color? I see only two bows listed on the site at 40# draw weight and that's the Leopard and Jaguar. The problem is the Leopard in the catalog doesn't come in my draw length and the Jaguar in the catalog says it starts at 50#, not 40# like listed on the site.

    I was reading around the forums and saw a lot of mentions of 15# range on all of Martin's bows. Would this mean the ones listed on the site that say 50# are actually 35-50# adjustable or would that mean they are 50-65# or something else? I just need to know if it's worth a 1.5 hour trip to the Martin Dealer near here or if I'll get there and be turned away because none the current bows can be calibrated to my needs. Thanks for your help.

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    Weight is maximum. So 15lbs under is the range.

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    You should check out the Cheetah. It will get you your 50lbs. (order it in 50lbs; makes it have a range of 35-50lbs. It will come in full camo and the super smooth m-pro cam that is draw length adjustable. It has an IBO of 310fps, giving you a plenty of speed as a lady for 3-d. Enjoy.


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    Default The Bengal

    Don't over look the Bengal. It is a great womens bow.

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