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    Default Firecat TR1 Questions

    I just bought my first Martin bow, but the bow guy at the shop i bought it at did not seem to know the answers to the questions i asked him. I was hoping someone on here could help.

    First, i was wondering if i need to use suppressors on the strings since i have the STS. The guy at the shop told me no and that Martin didnt recommend it. I was wondering if i should put on some kind of string leech or if that would help at all.

    Second, my STS module is about a quarter of an inch from my string. The manual said it should be 1/16th of an inch away. Is it supposed to be 1/16th away from the little notch cut in it or from the entire piece. Also how do i adjust this? The rod wont unscrew (if it even screws in) so do i have to leave the rod alone and adjust the rubber stopper itself?

    Thanks for any help in advance!

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    Suppressors and leeches are basically up to the user, try em on and try em off then make up your own mind. Personally I don't use them on my 09 Moab which is almost identical to your TR 1.

    STS module should be about 1/16" away from the string (at the base of the notch) The rod itself can be adjusted by loosening the small hex screw located in the riser at the base of the rod. sometimes the rod is very tight and may need to be filed and sanded smooth. Also check that the hole it fits into is cleaned out.

    Best of luck

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    Default Nothing on string

    I do not have anything on my string except for a peep. There is no need for them and it is very quiet. I would suggest that you put on some limb savers on the limbs. I purchased the camo that are made for recurves since the limbs are narrow. Good luck.

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    The recurve model does the job oncechance? Don't see why not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destroyer View Post
    The recurve model does the job oncechance? Don't see why not.
    Yes, they do. They are not as large in diameter than the original and look better on the bow. I know looks is'nt everything but is a little.

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    On my '09 MOAB (very similar to the TR-1) MY string suppressor touches the string (and I have served where there is contact).

    Also, I use the TRUBall Spyder only at the bottom (2" from the cam) nothing at the top by the idler.

    The only other thing I have done is change to a custom string from Winner's Choice and found that the performance of the bow greatly improved.

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