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    I have a Razor X SE Dyna Cam (2006) and would like to have it modified to
    accomodate the nitrous cams and change to a shoot through system. Would this be a wise modification? Approximately what would it cost, how much would the BH and Axle to Axle change and what kind of velocity could I expect (currently 244 fps with 430 grain arrow)? Could a dealer make the changes or would it have to go back to Martin? Thanks.

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    You will likely need new limbs to keep your draw weight.

    It looks like if you have a 70lb bow (7L limbs) with Dynacam you would end up with a 75lb bow IF you fit into the C-cam.
    More likely you'll need a B-cam which will throw you off the charts with the limbs you probably have on your Dyna.
    Here are the charts.

    The difference between H (heavy), M (medium) and L (light) is about 2-3lbs each.

    What I paid to upgrade one of my bows;
    Limbs for that bow should be somewhere around $100 for the pair.
    Cams with X-modules $120.
    Axle kit $13.

    Then you'd have to change the strings. I make my own so I don't know how much that costs.

    I think I gained around 10fps over my Dyna (Phantom II, not a Razor X) but I can't be sure because my chrono battery was low and it reset itself. I also completely changed the bow set up so it's hard to compare. I also had to change limb types and I'm pretty sure the speed gain would've been more if I could've kept the same type of limbs.

    I don't know what the measurement changes would be.

    You can make the changes if you want. My local is way overpriced and they tried to tell me I couldn't do it and needed to buy a new bow so I ordered from a dealer that I knew knows what he's doing and had him ship me the parts.

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    That's what I needed to know. Thanks for the information.

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    I can tell you that if you are converting the RazorX SE Dyna cam to the Nitrous-X cam, you won't be disappointed. I know the RazorX SE with the nitrous cams will be a "B" cam for up to 30" draw..i belive 27 1/2" - 30". Also, I know when I got mine at 70lbs with nitrous cams was a 4M limb. You will end up with an ATA still around 36" and a BH of nearly 9". You will gain about 10fps over the dyna cam.

    I converted mine to a RazorX Magnum Nitorus. I gained around 10fps over the SE model with Nitrous cams. Basically you simply need a set of standard limb pockets instead of the SE limb pockets. They both use the 14" magnum limbs. The SE limbs and the magnum limbs are the same. The label is just different to indicate it has the SE limb pockets. The RazorX Manum nitrous cams ends up with an ATA of 39" and a BH of 7 7/8". It is awesome for an all around bow. I had to go down further to 1H limbs to get the poundage down to what I wanted of 62lbs.

    Let me know if you have any more questions. I built mine with the help of Crackers (Mike Carter on Archery Talk at Carter's Archery in St. Joseph, Missouri). He will be glad to build you a set of strings and knows all of the specs.


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    Okay if I understand you, I would need limb pockets, nitrous cams, and a new string? If that is correct would it be a shoot through system and what would it cost for the parts?

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    SE is on the Nitrous chart so my guess is that you could do it and keep the SE pockets if you follow that part of the chart.

    If you also wanted to convert your SE bow to non-SE then you would need the limb pockets.

    Limb pockets are up to you on whether you want to stay with SE or not.

    You will probably need
    Limbs $105-ish
    Cams-X mods $120-ish
    Axles $13-ish
    If you want different limb pockets probably $20-ish

    Strings depends on where you go. I make my own or that probably would've pushed the price of the modification more than I wanted to spend.
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