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Thread: Questions on my first Martin purchase

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    I just bought a Martin bow on ebay, it will be my second bow(my first was a crappy Bear Whitetail II). I was looking for any info on the bow that you guys could give me, and any feedback if anyone has one of these. I dont know a ton about it but heres what I do know... " This a used Martin Cougar bow . IT is Right Handed . Presently set at about 55lbs. Axle to axle lenght is 40 inchs. It comes with arrow quiver, x-ring hydraulic stablizer, string leeches, peep site,and sims limb savers. The bow is mossy oak camo. with wood grip and inlays.I believe the draw lenght to be 29 inchs..I have another cam for it that made the draw lenght longer 30-32. That is also included. What is not included is the trophy ridge site,and the whisker bisket rest!!Every thing else go with. The cam is a fury i believe. There are no cracks in the limbs an the wood is in great shape. I'm pretty sure that it goes up 70lbs draw weight.I cant read any of the data on tag of the bow itself. Not sure what the let-off is. I can tell you I had rotor cuff surgery in my left shoulder an am still able to hunt with it. I 've got a lot of deer with this bow, now it's your turn. thanks for lookin" bow1.jpg


    Thats what the ebay auction said... Ive also attached a few pictures. Any help here would be great. Also if anyone has a value for this bow id appreciate it too.. i HOPE i got a good deal.... lol

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    I don't know the value.
    It looks like a Unicam which should mean it's from around '96-'97-ish.
    It's definitely not a Fury cam, Fury is a dual cam and your bow has a single cam.

    Cougar isn't listed on the Unicam charts so it could've been added later to a newer or older bow. But just because it's not on the charts doesn't mean it didn't come from the factory with that. It also may not be a Cougar.
    Martin's webpage isn't showing the old years any more so it's impossible to guess unless someone from Martin or someone with that bow responds.

    I do have a Unicam bow and am as possitive as I can be from a small picture that's what I see.

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    thanks, that helps a little bit... your right, after i looked at some pics of unicams it definately is... does anyone have any idea of what bows came with a unicam from Martin that may have had this riser/limb style? any help here is very appreciated...
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    So after much research i think its a Maverick 3d... any info would help.

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