Dear Ladies and Gentlemens,

First let me please apologize for my bad english.I hope , it will be ok for all of you to understand. Im living in germany and would like to get a Recurve Take down Jaguar.

I have following question about the Recurve Jaguar. A German resseler told me that i will not be able to swap the Limbs ( for ex. actually 30 lbs ) with 40 lbs limbs, because limbs are not available alone. Only a full bow can be available. I got pretty " disturbed" about this. All other makers offer separate parts for recurve. Can someone help with that ? and tell me if its true ?
I would like to get The jaguar and keep the Martin Quality over several years. It could be disapointing , if is there no possibilities ( except to buy a complet Jaguar ) to swap the limbs.

Thank you very much in advance for your help and support.

.....And sorry again for my poor english