I posted late evening yesterday, a question about Martin Recurve TD Jaguar.

I would like to thanks Destroyer and Montalaar for the quick answer. Tx again.

Well, since i think to get the Jaguar, i have only 2 alternative wich could work aswell. The KAP Winstar 2 and KAP Winstorm Limbs, or, eventually, a PSE Optima.

Well, why Jaguar ? : ..damn...Ted Nugent, our best Ted use Martin bow...damn )) thats a point
Second : cheaper then PSE and for sure cheaper then KAP combi.
3rd : This TD look great , and seems to be really good.

Why not jaguar ? a great look and let say, reasonnable price is nothing if i need to buy Ragim, Samik or whatever limbs , wich will break the great looking of this Recurve, big pitty

If i didnt get lucky, i have then a Jag riser in black ...and pink limbs ? oh noooooooo
This is a joke but, anyway, limbs in white or blue or whatever will not fit the look of a Jaguar..big pitty.

but , serious, what do u think u guys ? wich one seems to be the best for a beginner , i dont want buy anything for 500 bucks, it must be cheaper, but i wait a certain standard of quality. ( i hópe im not wrong with that )

Aswell, im not trying to compaire a Hoyt for 500 dollars with a Jaguar for 160...would be stupid.but, a certain level of quality, should be there

Im thinking of 30 lbs to start, and maybe later raising up to 40 or so...is that realistic ?

The german resseler : MK-Bogensport , near ingolstatd

Thanks in advance for your help