Hi Lindsay Welcome

i was thinking bout the bow, i guess, i will start with 25# maybe 20, in this poinr im not sure. but 30# seems to be too much for now.

in fact, i guess a KAp will be the better choice,even, ( damn is that all not easy ) ...i saw at www.bogensportwelt.de a nice offer / combination of samik or KAP limbs and a HOYT eclipse riser, its finally not even much expensiv then a KAP winstar / winstorm combi. i guess thats what i m gonna do. I finally will invest little bit more then expected first, but , i prefer buy quality and doesnt get disapointed by cheap materials because of 50 euro.

I think, like montalaar said, it seems to be better for future limbs and accessories.im trustfull on my hability to make it, slowly...but surely.