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    i bought a quest last year with the tru arc cam the sticker said it was a 29" draw it only goes to maybe 28 set on the letter g on the cam is there a way to make it longer i need at least 29. thanks for any help.

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    Check the cam specs on this site...

    The Quest Tru Arc+ uses 2 different modules. Depending on the type of limb, each module covers either the short or long part of the range. On the SE limb, for example, the small module goes from 25" (A) to 28.5" (G) and the large module goes from 28" (A) to 31" (G). On the Magnum limb (I believe) the range is 26-29.5 for the small and 29-32 for the large.

    You obviously have the small module.

    Phone Martin for the part you need.
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