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    Tom Ainsworth

    Unhappy help!

    I just bought a 2003 model Tracer LT from Dick's. I am having trouble setting it up. I had them paper tune it at 15 yards - but when I went home I could not get the flight good from 20 yards and out. We noticed that the arrow seemed to be kicking - so I moved the separator bar out more to create more clearance. When the smoke cleared at 11:30 PM last night, I was adjusting the tension on the fork rest - re-alighned the tru-nok, bla-bla-bla!...I wish I knew what I was doing. Can someone please give me the basics and straighten me out - I have to hunt this afternoon - I want a 4" group at 20 yards at worst. The bow is a single CAM Fuzion. Perhaps the smallest bow I have ever held in my hand - I love it - but need help ASAP in setting it up - the basics - I mean the very basic basics...get the crayons out!

    Left Handed
    27" draw
    31" Easton Stalker with 5" fletch
    100 grain field point
    Shockwave 100 Broadhead

    thanks in advance...
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