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Thread: stuck stabilizer ? now what

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    Default stuck stabilizer ? now what

    Hi Guys,
    I have a 2000 Jaguar with a NAP 500 stabillizer and it is stuck . I just got a wrist sling so I'd like to put it on . The stabllizer went on about 7 months ago. Any ideas on getting it out /off?? THanks

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    A good way to get it off is to keep the bow room temp, and wrap the stablizer in ice. The ice will cause the metal in the stablizer to shrink. Maybe even use a hair dryer to heat your bow so that the metal in the bow expands. The combination of the 2 should make this no problem to get off without causeing any damage to your equipment!! Rember, rule of thumb is that heat expands and cold shrinks! thanks...

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    use a heat gun to warm the riser and make sure when you get it out the threads arn't damaged

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    what stabilizer is it? I am assuming it doesn't have a hex end on it. Heat should help. If that doesn't work, I would recommend trying a very small amount of PB Blaster (don't add heat with this stuff). Put it in a cup (disposable) then use a paintbrush or similar to put a little near the threads. Don't get this stuff all over the bow, it will likely eat right through the strings and couldn't tell you what else. But if you are careful to apply a small amount on the threads, let it set for a couple of minutes then put another drop in there and it should twist off.

    When its out, clean everything up, and put a drop of anti-seize on the threads to prevent it from happening again. Hope that helps

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