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Thread: Is it always this tough to get a response?

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    Default Is it always this tough to get a response?

    About a month ago I sent a question in through the Contact Us page. I got a response to that in a couple days, but, having more questions sent another message through the tool. I got the autoresponder that my message was recieved but no response. Since I have sent about 3 three other messages each time recieving the autoresponse confirmation but no answer to the questions. I have tried to go to the Check for your emails link for the last three weeks but recieve a 404 error. I have even printed out the error and faxed to to martin with the explaination that this error has come up since every attempt to connect since the site update a couple weeks ago. Again no response. I have checked all the error possibilities on my side including clearing all temp/cache/cookie/jar files without a change. I'm not baggin' on Martin. I love my two older bows, Lynx and Hatfield, just want to make contact again

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    Default Best to just call them...

    They've got a couple of notes on the board that the don't monitor here actively, especially this time of year - hunting seasons, new model introductions, etc., so your best bet is to just call them.

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    Go to , that is where you will get fast responses to your Martin questions!

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    Montey Jessey


    Pick up the phone!! Hardly any companies do well with their email communication. You call them I bet things will happen in a snap.

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