Can anyone help. The top limb on my Martin Fury has developed a nasty crack so I would like to know if I can source new limbs. When I bought the bow the dealer did not have the 55-70lb limbs for a fury so he took them off a rage as he said that apart from the top transfers they were the same thing. So I had a Martin Fury bow with Fury cams and limbs that had Rage transfers on them. This bow has been very good but now that this crack has appeared I would like to find some new limbs. The dealer over here in the UK asked me what numbers where on the side of my limbs (10M) but he said all he had in stock was 7H? Can anyone tell me what these numbers mean and where I can get the correct limb from?
The other question was regarding the limb pocket shape, I was asked is it round or square? Mine is square but I don't understand this, did the Fury's limb pockets get redesigned???