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Thread: Not a bow kill, but my sons first.

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    Default Not a bow kill, but my sons first.

    My sone took this 80# black bear on the opening day of rifle deer season. He shot it at 25 yards with a Marlin 30-30 win. He made the perfect heart/lung shot and the bear only went 30 yards. Like I said, it is not a bow kill but his first none the less and I am very proud of him. He also got his first grouse durring the week. In all it was a great trip and we did see alot of deer. Unfortunatly we could not get the job done on one. We did have a whitetail at about 60 yards but I could not tell if it had bone on his head. Cody showed perfect restrant when it came to making sure the animal was leagle.
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    Default Christmas is soon. What kind of fir tree choose?

    Hi! I am not sure what kind of christmas tree choose? I want an artificial christmas tree . But I don't the best manufacturer . Can you advise me something?

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